Night Safari, Hiking into Barbas Bremen from Pereira

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  • Duration: 9 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Pereira, Colombia / South America
  • Product code: Night Safari BB

Traveling for 35 minutes outside of the beautiful coffee zone town of Filandia you’ll come to an Eco-lodge bordering the Nature Reserve of Barbas Bremen. This private property was purchased 25 years ago and completely transformed from farmland into an ecological paradise for bird watchers, and other nature lovers from across the world.

Arriving in the late afternoon you’ll have time for a spot of bird watching, as you walk around the beautiful grounds with your guide providing you with a brief history of this location and what you are about to experience after the sun goes down.

Next, it’s time for an early dinner while you eagerly wait for the night to get nice and dark.

Making the finishing touches to your evening clothing you’ll put on a thin jacket, some long rubber boots (needed for walking through the creeks and streams), and your headlamp. Making sure your phone is fully charged you set off on a night hike into the darkness in search of the creatures that only venture out of their safe homes into the blackness of the night.

Walking down a path into the thick nature reserve you’re surrounded by the sounds of crickets, frogs, and other insects. Silently walking in the steps of your guide you’ll keep an ear and eye out for any movements in the bushes signaling a mammal, reptile, giant insect, or giant spider is close by.

Stopping to lift rotting logs of wood to view what moves below, your guide will point out different spiders and other arachnids that call this place home. You’ll find scorpions and tarantulas waiting for their next meal around these areas. You’ll also find a large variety of insects, centipedes, and millipedes in the trees, bushes, and rocks around you. Not to mention Colombian tree frogs, bats, owls, and other night birds.

Although all of these insects and arachnids will add to the excitement of your journey through the darkness, the main focus of your adventure this night is to find a small glass frog no bigger than your thumbnail. Listening to the tell tail ting ting (the sound of taping a spoon on a glass) of their call, your guide will lead the way down into creaks, over trees, and slippery rocks. Past trees with spikes, and over roots of fallen trees. Carefully watching where you place your hands and feet, you’ll follow your expert leader into a world rarely seen by most people. Into crevasses, through step valleys, over boulders, and past camera traps set up for pumas, you’ll be exhilarated with this unforgettable and unique night safari into the amazing Barbas Bremen Natural Reserve. 

What's included?

  • Pickup and Drop-off from your Salento accommodation.
  • Transport in private vehicle
  • Bilingual Tour Guide – Spanish, English.


  • Experiences and Transportation not mentioned in the plan
  • Personal expenses and tips

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